Mistake #19: There Is Only One Way To Make A Decision

Another facet to Sociocracy that I learned is the idea that a group does not have to have one decision making process. Majority vote, Consensus, and Autocratic Decision styles are each useful depending upon the decision that needs to be made.  A group may decide upon the best process for a particular decision, rather than always using the same one.

For example, a group might decide that Majority Vote is the best method for choosing the date of a workshop. It may be impossible for everyone to agree on a date, especially if it is a big group of people with lots of busy schedules. The group may just want to meet the schedules of the majority.  On the other hand, the design of the invitation might be left to the designer as an Autocratic Decision. The designer needs to make lots of quick decisions based on materials on hand and the decisions will not have far reaching consequences.  However, the decision about who to invite to speak at the workshop may be best made as a consensus decision, because the cost of the speaker directly impacts each member of the group.

Take-Home Point: Decisions come in all shapes and sizes; no one process fits them all.