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Effective date: 30.04.2018
Last updated: 22.11.2019
Updates to the policy:

Added information about Google Analytics and its cookies.

1. The type of information we collect

Your privacy is very important to us. This is why we do not collect or store any of your personal information.

When you send us a message through our Contact Us page, we’ll receive an email with your question, name and email address. This information, as well as your IP address, also appears in our WordPress dashboard. On the legal grounds of ‘legitimate interest’ – you’re expecting us to get back to you – we will use this data to respond to your query only. Your email, the message in our WordPress dashboard and thus your personal data will be deleted in one month from the date we first received your email.

We promise not to use your personal information for any other purposes. Since we don’t store your personal data, we don’t share or transfer it to third-parties either.

Although it’s not mandatory to provide your email address when you contact us (you can use a non-valid email), not doing so will not allow us to get back to you.

At any time you wish, you may contact us to request information about what kind of personal data we hold on you, how we use it, and ask us to delete it. There are other rights you have regarding your personal data and privacy. You can find more information here:

Data controller’s contact email:

2. Cookies & Web Beacons

At, we use cookies to collect data about your preferences and record specific information, like which pages you access or visit. Cookies allow us to serve you and other visitors better and/or present you with customized content.

The third-party websites we may link to from time to time may also collect information from you, and use or place cookies or web beacons in your browser.

That is done directly by these third parties and does not have any access to or control over these cookies. The data they collect is subject to the privacy policies of these third-party websites.

Please read more about our Cookie Policy here.

3. Updates

This Privacy Policy is subject to change without any given notice. The updates will be listed on the top of this page under the “Updates to the policy” section. Please check back regularly to see whether there have been any updates.

4. Google Analytics

We also use Google Analytics and thus Google Analytics cookies to understand how you interact with our site: which pages you visit, how long you read our content, etc. None of this information can personally identify you, and it is only used to analyze the usage of our site.

Google Analytics operates under its own Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Read more about it here:

You can opt-out of all Google Analytics tracking software here:

The information Google collects is retained for 38 months. However, you can ask for your information to be deleted at any time. A data removal tool is made available soon and will be posted here.

Google Analytics cookies are valid for 2 years or until you delete them from your browser. Please refer to your browser documentation to learn how to disable cookies.

Google cookies also track data about your visiting behavior (i.e. which pages you visit) and the type of device you use. The cookie will expire once you close our website.

5. Contact

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or anything else, please get in touch through our Contact Us page.