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What is the Reality About College Hookup Culture?

Sadly, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about college hookup culture. It is now considered normal for many people to sell a given concept about campus hookup culture, and the public seems to believe this.

Many people are made to believe that there is an out of control hookup culture on most campuses where young students are ready to hook up with stagers.

This narrative has been picked up by many writers and those in the media. Some may not even know what is happening at the campus and are just riding the myths. Several pieces of research contradict the narrative of the hookup culture on campuses.

It is high time that the public changes the narrative and knows what is happening on the campus. It is not all about getting wasted and having a one-night stand with someone you barely know.

Because of the narrative being sold to the public, many are worried about the young adults in learning institutions. Their moral stand in matters concerning sexuality and sex.

What is Changing?

Several studies have shown that the narrative that most campuses are filled with students who are always partying and having casual sex most of the time have been exaggerated.

Most people believe that students of this era are having more sexual partners than those of the older generation. Well, it was found that this is not true.

It was discovered that most modern campus students engaged in sexual activities with people they know. This means that few people tend to have sex with people they meet for the first time, as the public is made to believe.

Most students responded by stating that they had casual sex with friends and people they had known for a while.

Despite the narrative being sold by most campus-based movies and content, modern college culture has not changed a lot compared to some time back. The number of people having casual sex is only increasing by a small number and the change is gradual.

In most situations, many students who are involved in sexual activities with strangers take no emotional or physical risks. So, nothing much has changed compared to some time back. The notion that today’s students are more into casual sex compared to older generations may be exaggerated by a mile.

What Is Wrong?

To be fair, the amount of casual sex is increasing with time. This is because society’s values are changing, and people are more open-minded to new sexual experiences. It is now considered normal to engage in casual sex without being burdened or facing judgment from society.

There is a notion that the hookup culture in today’s higher learning institutions is hurting female students. This statement can be a little bit contradictory with some supporting it and others poking holes in it.

Many are rightfully arguing that the hookup culture is hurting young women’s feelings. Many people believe that women initially want a successful relationship, but have to settle for casual sex because of the current culture. Well, this is not far from the truth, according to research.

Through research done on various campuses, it was discovered that many more male students engage in casual sex compared to their female counterparts. Through the same research, it was discovered that many female students facing a form of depression are most likely to engage in casual sex. The same women who engage in casual sex due to depression are also likely to regret the act later.

On the other hand, most depressed men are not likely to engage in casual sex. Through the research conducted on various campuses, it was discovered that women are most likely to use sex to deal with depression. It also suggests that some may unconsciously be in a cycle of getting depressed and having sex to deal with the depression without knowing it.

It is crucial to note that society plays a significant role in many women getting depressed in sex matters. Many cultures in society create double standards, which leads to some women feeling guilty or regretful after having casual sex as they feel they have violated certain expectations in society. This contributes to female psychological distress.

It is essential for those who might have emotional issues related to their sex life to seek hookup advice from a professional in the field.

Old Rules

Unfortunately, the old-fashioned rules that tend to have double standards are featured in today’s hookup culture. This is what makes many women feel satisfied with sex when they are in socially accepted relationships.

Most casual sex culture is mostly focused on the pleasure of the males involved. Many women in colleges tend to be more comfortable having sex in a relationship than having flings with people they don’t have an emotional attachment to.

Many women in various relationships choose not to engage in many sexual activities while on campus. Most of them, especially those from privileged backgrounds, choose to focus on their studies and avoid relationships. However, most women want to engage in more casual sex but are afraid of how society might view them.

It was also noted that the effects of bad hookups were not as impactful as those of relationships.

So, What About Men?

It is right to state that the hookup culture has been beneficial to many men compared to their female counterparts. The male desires tend to be prioritized in most casual sex. The research was focused on women and not male students. More research is yet to be done on males and how the hookup culture is affecting their lives.


It is important to note that society’s perspective is gradually changing, and there will be no issues of double standards soon. Hopefully, many people will now know the real college hookup culture.

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