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First Date Tips: How to Prepare for a Date

Feeling first date nerves is completely normal and everyone experiences it at one point or the other. You might find yourself worrying about even the smallest and most unimportant things. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ease your nerves, enjoy the date, and find love.

The fundamental rules will not change. While they may seem obvious, better yet trivial, you’ll be surprised at how effective they are. With that being said, here are some of the top tips on how to make your first date as comfortable as possible:

Choose an activity that you enjoy: This will be very beneficial for a number of reasons. To begin with, picking something that you enjoy, at the very least, will ensure that you will have fun on the date. Secondly, it offers your date an insight into your character and helps them to get to know you better faster. Lastly, it will help ensure that you stick to something that you can afford as the last thing you want is to break your bank on the very first date.

Go for something that you can afford: Following up on the last point above, don’t try to impress the other person by being extravagant and going all out on the first date. For starters, you will most likely be unable to keep up that level of spending which will just make you look cheap later when you try to reduce your spending to fit things that you can easily afford. Secondly, it will also be harder to pick up on whether your date actually likes you or has just been enticed by your money.

Pick something that doesn’t require new clothes: We all know how uncomfortable new clothes can be. In addition, so many things can go wrong with them, they can rip, bunch, or gap. Besides, who wants to keep worrying about ruining their new outfit, for example, by spilling red wine or getting other stubborn stains on them. There are more important things to worry about besides your clothes such as whether your date really likes you. You are best going with your happy, easy-to-wear, and appropriate clothing.

Pick a place that you can talk freely without disturbing others: While going to a movie is America’s favorite first date, you won’t get much opportunity to talk.

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Choose a location that’s quick and easy to get to: Long trips by car, bus, train, or plane might be fun once you’ve gotten to know each other, however, on a first date these might not be the best idea. If you want to really get to know someone why not hire the best escorts from High St Kensington .

Avoid engaging in competitive activities: It’s common knowledge that some relationships thrive on tension. However, you should avoid anything that stirs up competitive feelings on a first date. Even if you are competing against another party besides your date, having someone you are trying to impress watch you as you deal with another person who’s determined to better you can get pretty uncomfortable.

Avoid activities that involve a lot of drinking: Keep in mind that your date will also be feeling a bit nervous, not only you. While you might think that alcohol will help, it might add to your problems, especially if you will have to drive home.

Spare some time to get to know each other: Planning out a series of activities can help to keep you busy and engaged during the date, however, if you are looking to get to each other better, you will need some quiet time together. By taking some time away from all the distracting noise, activities, and people, you will be able to talk and get to know each other better.

Do not involve high-ticket others: These are people such as family, friends, children, exes, pets, and colleagues. By involving people who know and love you, your date might feel like they are being scrutinized and might not feel comfortable.

Choose an activity that doesn’t last excessively long: Brevity is at the core of a good date. You want to leave your date wanting more. When the both of you have a great time, you’ll both long for a second date. To be ready and prepared for you next date, make sure to read these second date questions and topics.

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