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What To Do When You Miss Your Boyfriend

“I miss my boyfriend, and it sucks.”

If you have been in a relationship, then this is a feeling that you are all too familiar with. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a long-distance relationship or he just left for a business trip for a couple of days, and you want him home already.

What does it mean to miss someone? And what can you do about that gaping void in your heart when your boyfriend is away?

Well, let’s dive right into the solution.

How to get through the boyfriend blues

There are many strategies you could employ when figuring out how to stop missing your boyfriend.

The ten we have highlighted below will make it easier to get through those hours, days, or even months without your favorite person.

Reach out to him

Missing someone so much it hurts is sometimes best solved by reaching out to them. That is particularly important if you are in an LDR or dating someone from another country.

Send him a text to let him know that he is on your mind. Call him and hear his voice, even if it isn’t your scheduled call time. It will make a world of difference.

Plan an online date

Plan An Online Date When You Are Missing Your Boyfriend

You should also take the initiative to plan a hangout to deal with the blues when you miss your babe. It is a great way to distract yourself from negative feelings while also giving yourself something awesome to look forward to.

So plan a virtual date on Skype or Facetime. It could be the occasion to try Skype sex! Here’s how to have sex through Skype or Facetime for LDR couples.

Work on your past trauma and current insecurities

“Why do I miss him so much?”

“Why do I miss my boyfriend right after he leaves? “

Sometimes the answer to these questions has absolutely nothing to do with him or the relationship but your relationship history.

Maybe you were cheated on or ignored in your last relationship. Now every time your boo is away, it hurts way more than it should.

The best way to deal with this is by addressing these insecurities and traumas and starting the healing journey.

Make a surprise visit

If you are the spontaneous type and have the means, another tip on getting over missing your boyfriend is to see them. So, make a surprise visit and hang out with him. Just make sure that their schedule is open so you don’t end up awkwardly interrupting something important.

Write it in a journal

Another great way to get over the boyfriend blues is to tell your diary. Penning your feelings when you are in that I miss my babe zone will make a world of difference.

Go through old photos

Another tip for what to do when you miss your boyfriend is to go through your memories together. It could be anything from photos to little reminders of your quality time together. You would be surprised just how powerful nostalgia can be.

Write him a letter

If journaling is not your thing, you could deal with missing your boyfriend by writing him a letter. This gives you the same release and relief as journaling but with an actual audience. It is also a romantic and lasting way to let him know he is loved and longed for. Follow those tips to write a love letter to your boyfriend.

Get a new hobby

Get A New Hobby

When you miss your boyfriend, the last thing you want to be doing is wallowing in the feeling as it only gets worse. Instead, find something to keep yourself occupied.

It could be a hobby you want to pick up or an old one you need to dust off and learn how to enjoy again. If your boyfriend goes on business trips often, then finding an interesting hobby might be a good idea.

Hang out with your best friends

Another great tip for how not to miss someone is filling that void with other healthy relationships. So call up that best friend of yours and go for brunch. Call home and plan a dinner visit. The company will definitely make a difference!

Take on a new project at school or work

You should also take this time to work on yourself as a distraction and as a crucial part of keeping a healthy sense of individualism in the relationship. You could take on an extra job, go after that promotion, or even go back to school.

Read your old conversations

There is not a single girl who hasn’t saved screenshots of cute messages their boyfriend sent. If you miss your loved one, go back to a conversation where he expressed his love to you or simply reread a few lines of a regular text that will make you feel like you are talking at the moment. 

Send him a goofy selfie

Let your inner child get out and play a bit. This way, you’ll remind your boyfriend of your funny side and ease some of the tension created by time and distance that are keeping you apart. The same way you miss him, he misses you. So, having a silly snap of you that he can look at whenever you are busy or unavailable will also make him feel closer to you. 

Wear a piece of his clothing

Have you kept a piece of clothing that belongs to your significant other? If he left behind a T-shirt or a hoody, feel free to throw it on. Feel its softness, its scent… Close your eyes and imagine your boyfriend next to you. Wearing his shirt will feel like he is hugging you, even though he is not physically present. 

Watch a movie that reminds you of your love

Watch A Movie That Reminds You Of Your Love

I bet there is a romantic movie you’ve watched together, and you both identified with the love story on the big screen. Whenever you are feeling lonely, simply watch a film that reminds you of your love, especially if it ends happily ever after! In fact, with today’s technology, it’s easy to watch your favorite movie together despite all the miles between you. It will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside and help you get through lonesome nights. 

Visit his favorite restaurant/café 

Do you have a favorite restaurant or a coffee shop you regularly visit together? Whenever you want to feel the presence of your partner even though he is not there, book a table at a place where he loves the food and the atmosphere. More so, you can jump on a video call and “share a dinner.” As long as you are mindful of the other guests, you can have a normal conversation, just as if he was physically there.

Plan fun things you will do next time you are together

What good does it serve to dwell on heavy emotions? Instead of crying all the time over how much you miss your boyfriend, take action!

You can start planning your next encounter, especially if it takes place on your turf. You probably know the place inside out, but even if you don’t, you can always discover it together and make great memories that will last a lifetime.   

Get active to improve your physical and mental health.

Is missing your partner giving you stress and anxiety? If so, maybe it’s time to get more active to feel better. Hitting the gym or finding a new home exercise routine will keep you distracted and clear some of that brain fog. On top of it, it will put you back in shape. I doubt your partner will mind your fit body!

Explore your city or take a short solo trip

Moving to a new location usually means that you can’t stop thinking about the guy you left behind. But on the plus side, you have a whole new place to explore and keep yourself distracted.

If that’s not your case, you can always break the monotony of your hometown by taking a few days off and going on a short solo trip. Solo trips are great for discovering yourself and new places. Plus, you’ll have something new to share with your partner next time you call or see each other.

Buy or make him something

His absence shouldn’t stop you from making him his favorite meal or dessert. You can also tap into your artistic side and come up with a cool design for a handmade card. Even if you aren’t creative, there is a solution! Jump online and find a small but thoughtful gift you know he’d love and send it to his address. He will love the gesture and appreciate the attention. Your present will serve as a token of your love he can always keep by his side. 

Remind him he can always count on you

When we are feeling sad or when we had a bad day, we need support. It’s crucial to know that you can rely on your partner, especially in long-distance relationships where time and distance put a lot of strain on a couple.

If you can’t pick up the phone and call him at will, you can always write him a message reminding him you are always there for him. Knowing that he can count on your love and devotion even though you live in different places can save your relationship. 

Bottom line

Missing someone is never an easy thing to deal with.

The most important thing to learn from all these tips is that being away from the man you love is not always the worst thing. Remember, you are still an individual with a life to build and live. So take the opportunity to work on yourself, including exploring new interests, and spend time working on old friendships.

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