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14 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Has your partner broken up with you, but you still miss them and hope to resolve your differences?

Most of us have felt the pains of a breakup. While it’s better to let things take their natural course and not live in denial, there is always the chance you’ll make up and beat the odds.

This article will help you detect the clues and signs that your ex will eventually come back if you make the right moves.

So, let’s take it away.

Signs Your Ex Will Come Back to You

Do you miss your ex and dream of getting back together?

This list may have the answers you’ve been looking for.

You were a truly good match

Some people are naturally a good match. There is trust; there is chemistry; there is love! If you had a breakup over something insignificant or you were just bored and in need of a change, there might be a way to rekindle your love.

Unless life takes you in totally different directions or the trust is broken, being a good match can make your partner change their mind and return to you.

You parted ways as friends

Take a good look at your relationship and analyze it from start to end. Was it a fun, healthy, mutually-supportive, growing, loving, and exciting experience? Was it nurturing but made you feel stuck, so you decided to go on as friends?

If you broke up on good terms, there still might be hope for the two of you. In such a situation, time is your best friend. Let your ex put their thoughts together and realize it’s not worth losing their soulmate over something insignificant.

Your ex responds quickly and enthusiastically

Have you tried texting or calling your ex?

If they pick up after just two rings or reply to your DMs instantaneously, it’s because they’ve been probably staring at the phone, hoping you will reach out.

Feeling happy and excited to see your name on the screen is one of the signs that your ex may eventually come back to you. If their messages are long, descriptive, and full of emojis, it means they are trying their best to show you that they are ready to put in the work necessary to get you back.

Your ex-partner is second-guessing the breakup

Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You

We are just people. Sometimes, we make mistakes that we regret later and change our minds. Breaking up with you may have been your partner’s biggest mistake, and now they are second-guessing the decision.

We all re-evaluate our actions, so thinking about it once or twice doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting back together. Still, if they keep reconsidering the breakup or even obsessing about patching things up, chances are your ex wants you back.

You’ve broken up before

Do you have a history of breaking up and getting back together? If your relationship follows an on-again-off-again pattern, sooner or later, you’ll follow your routine and pick it up where you left off.

You probably won’t have to do much or put the extra effort into convincing your ex to come back to you. It will happen naturally without trying too hard. There is not much to worry about if you and your partner usually do.

Now, there is always a chance this time is for good, but even if it isn’t, is this the way you want to continue living?

They drunk-text/call you!

In Vino Veritas!” Right?

They say drunk people can’t lie, so if your ex has had a few shots too many and keeps blasting your phone saying they want you back, it’s probably true.

Imagine a scenario where they are out having fun with their friends, and suddenly they hear a song or see someone who reminds them of you. Feelings take over; they realize how much they have missed you and reach for the phone to let you know they don’t want to lose you.

They’ve been stalking you on social media

There is so much data that social media platforms allow and provide, it’s pretty easy to see who’s been keeping tabs.

You post a new story, and the first person to see it is your ex? They liked a picture you posted three years ago?

It seems someone can’t let you go just yet, so looking at your pictures and posts brings back good memories. Maybe they are even trying to figure out whether you have moved on and found someone new?

Don’t read too much into a random Like or Comment. However, having a full bar of social media notifications from them may be one of the signs your ex will eventually come back to you.

They speak highly of you

Has your ex been showering you with compliments about pretty much everything in your life – from the way you look to your new promotion?

By appreciating you publicly, they show you, your friends, and your family how much they value you. Such behavior usually means they regret their decision and want to get back together.

I mean, as long as they don’t overdo it, it can be cute, and you can use it as an excuse to take them back without feeling guilty you cave in too quickly.

Your ex takes every chance to spend time with you

That is probably one of the most obvious signs you’ll eventually get back together with your ex. Unless they are a stalker who can’t let go, wanting to spend time with you speaks volumes of how they feel.

It doesn’t always have to be in person, but even dedicating a good chunk of their day to text or talk to you indicates interest.

And since your goal is to get back together, catch the clue and use it to your advantage.

 They broke things off in the heat of the moment

They say, “don’t make decisions when you are angry,” but many of us unfortunately do. When emotions are running high in the heat of the argument, people rush into things and jump to conclusions.

Maybe they were angry, hurt, or scared and broke up with you without giving it much thought. In cases like that, people often realize they still have strong feelings for their partners and try to make things work.

Your ex will likely do the same when they realize what’s at stake. If they truly love you, they will look beyond the fight and go back to you.

Your ex keeps in touch with your friends and family.

Signs You Ll Get Back Together

They said they needed time and space, but they are still very much in touch with your friends and family.

Unless those are mutual friends, it’s pretty obvious why they are around the people you love – your loved ones can give them information about you, how you’ve been, and whether there is someone new in your life.

If they are curious about you, they are probably trying to figure out their way back to you.

 You keep bumping into them.

Have you “accidentally” bumped into your ex at your favorite restaurant? Have you seen them shopping in your neighborhood store, which is miles away from where they live?

The same way they gravitate around your friends and family, if they consider rekindling your relationship, they will gravitate towards the places they know you love.

They’re not moving on

It’s been a while since you broke up, but neither one of you is moving on. Your ex could be having second thoughts about your breakup, which is exactly what you wanted. Right?

Maybe staying single is their way of saying they are still available to you and want to give your relationship another go.

Follow the signs, and you may end up back together.

Your breakup was never official.

People like telling others about breakups as much as they love talking about new relationships, especially if they are happy about it!

If your ex kept your breakup a secret even from their closest friends and family, chances are they have been second-guessing the breakup right from the start.

The absence of closure is among the common signs your ex will eventually come back.

Bottom Line

You are missing your ex and want them to come back. Read our recent article about the stages of getting back together with your ex.

Look for the above signs to see if you can get another chance together. Maybe they are confused and unsure of what the future holds, but there are ways to tell if they still love you and want you back.

All you have to do is pay close attention and read the signs.

If you do get back together, make sure to work out the issues that led to the breakup in the first place. Get the right attitude and mindset and focus on becoming a better person and couple. Only then you can consider having a beautiful and long lasting relationship.

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