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Russian Women and Their Affinity for Western Men – Unfolding the Truth

One thing I have read, known, and then witnessed about Russian women in particular is that they are drop dead gorgeous. No, I’m not dating a Russian woman (however, I am secretly hoping to date one) and no I am not saying all of this because I have my motives but because that is an absolute fact.

You don’t believe me?

Open your internet browser and search for some Russian women, read about them and then tell me if you still think I’m over exaggerating. Women in Russia are definitely God’s finest creation and he has done his work patiently bestowing these women with the features, skin, body, and hair than most other women always desire. And, that is not all about them – so you always have your chances of exploring more about them every day of your life (if you are lucky enough to date one in your life).

Apart from all the goodness bestowed upon them in terms of their beauty, all Russian women are highly family oriented and soft – spoken – they’re inviting and will always give you the respect that you need (irrespective of the gender).

However, a thing about these Russian women that sets them apart from the women of most countries and especially the West is that they are looking for long-term relationships, a happy marriage, children, and a good family life.

I have come to believe this now that it is because of the reason that Russian women are looking for a family and marriage that men in Russia think women in the country are easily available. And, trust me when I say this, ‘this is definitely not true because the women in Russia are high maintenance for the men here and they’ve got pretty high standards when it comes to choosing a life partner.’

However, I’d like to believe the point that Russian women would happily choose a Western man over one from their own country. The reasons make it even more obvious so if you’re a man from Russia wondering why the women in your country choose to date someone from another country over you, or someone away from Russia wondering what is it about you that makes the women in Russia choose you, then here are some reason that could help you understand better.

Read further and find out for yourself about Russian women’s affinity towards Western men.

They’re Handsome Beyond Words

I mentioned a thing about Russian women and how these women are all absolutely flawless and stylish, it is exactly the same case with the men of the West.

The men of the far West have blessed genes – they’re super smart (read: hot), stylish and always ready to walk the red carpet even if they’re walking it alone. Start from their hair which are styled well (and they’re not afraid to style it with the styling products or even add some color) to their variant color of the eyes (the deep blue and the light brown), to their well toned bodies – they’re like while goodness of chocolate rolled into one.

Plus, Western men do it all to have these looks maintained and groomed time to time.

They’ve Got the Knack of Dressing Well

You wouldn’t spot a Russian women who is not dressed well or has her hair tied in a messy bun; similarly you wouldn’t spot a Western man who isn’t dressed well. Check head to toe and they’re absolutely flawless.

Whether they’re trying to keep it simple with their casual look – a nice pair of jeans, a more than ordinary t-shirt, muffler around their neck, and all paired well with a nice pair of sneakers, or a casual day at the beach when they’re lying on the beach in their low – waist lounge pants – they’re everything a woman looks for in a handsome and well dressed man.

And, oh, talking about their look for the parties and events one can be more than certain that they‘re going to rock the look there too. Absolutely undeniably the Western men have the knack of dressing well and there’s no one who’s got a wardrobe better than these men. 

They’re Fun Loving

Never in your life would you find a man from the West who’d dull and leading a monotonous life – even though these men are particularly serious about their profession they make it a point to have good amount of fun.

You’d see men partying at the clubs, enjoying by the beach, visiting music concerts, setting the goals higher with their grand vacations, and of course having the time of their life, irrespective of whether they’re doing all of this alone or with a family of friends. The idea is clear, loud, and simple – you’ve got one life and you live it with all you’ve got.

Does that give you a good and promising reason to date a man from the West?

Men are Not Drenched in Alcohol

Alcohol is just for some occasions and it is definitely not a routine with the Western men unlike how it is with all the Russian men who are drenched in liquor all day and every day.

Western men like to keep their alcohol time extremely classy and they’re not someone who’d drink that wine straight from the bottle (even though they’d have a really good collection of authentic and expensive liquor from all around the globe).

While there are a lot of men in the West who drink frequently, they still drink cautiously – this means they’re well aware of their surroundings and you’ll never really spot them pole dancing after consuming a full bottle of their most expensive liquors.

They’re definitely not like the men from Russia who think alcohol is the priority in life and everything else can wait for them. No No!

Shared Values

Like Russian women have their love for family, the Western men have their love for them too. Despite the racial and cultural differences that exist between them, it is fairly true that both have the same set of values and the ideas to abide by them.

Russian women take care of their families above and beyond everything else and the Western men do that too – so it is the fact that they both have the same set of shared values that makes these Western men the choice for all the Russian women.

After all, who wouldn’t like to live with a man who knows exactly how you value the things and readily values them with you? That is definitely a happy and good marriage.

Gender Roles is a Big Nah!

Gender roles in Russia are major flaw – one would never see in Russia a man helping a woman with the daily chores. That is not how these men have been brought up here. But, this is definitely not true with the men of the West – here gender roles are a big NO.

It is rather appropriate to mention that the West knows nothing about strict gender roles and it is always shared between the partners. If one’s cooking the other one will take up the role of cleaning the dishes. If one’s cleaning the house the other one takes over laundry. So, it’s like a partnership – it’s two people scoring and doing the things together.

And, yes there is a lot said about the great chefs that Russian women are and believe it there are some men in the West that are equally passionate about cooking and will give the woman enough chances to enjoy the dinner outside the kitchen.

Now that’s something absolutely great!

Chivalrous and Still Worthy

Men who’re chivalrous win the battle everywhere and this is one reason why the Russian women have a special affinity for the men in the West.

All of these men are chivalrous and still worthy – they’d make you feel like you’re really worth all the effort and mean everything about it. Now that is something that makes them worthy of who they are as individuals.

Believe in Communication

Communication is the key to a successful marriage or relationship and the Russian women are pretty well aware of this. However, Russian men are not someone who are good at the communication part, but the men in West are absolutely the opposite and they consider communication very important.

Men in the West are absolutely vocal of how they feel about you and they’ll tell right to your face if there is something about you that is bothering them – they (like all the Russian women) believe that communication solves everything and that is how they make relationships work.

Honest with Relationships

Russian women aren’t open to the idea of one – night stands and casual sex – they’re looking for a good happy long term relationship that eventually turns into a marriage and a family. The men in the West want to same – they’re looking for women that they can enjoy life with everyday and that is why they’re looking for serious relationships.

Honestly, when two people want the same thing from relationships the things definitely work in the best direction.

Now these are all very clear reasons why anyone would like to date a man from the West – they’re smoky hot, stylish and are absolutely fun loving – so basically you’re not going to have all days of sitting home with them and just binge watching the same series every day. They’re everything that a woman needs and when considering a woman from Russia it can be clearly said that she’s definitely looking for a man outside of her country because those in her own country aren’t up to her expectations. Additionally, if you see the demographics you’d notice like I did that the number of men in Russia are comparatively lower that the number of women and even those that are in the country are either drinking their life away or not looking for a serious relationship at all.

So now you know why the Russian women have a special affinity for the Western men? Tell me if you know something that I missed about this.

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