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11 Signs That a Girl Has Never Had a Boyfriend

Relationships allow us to explore another person as well as ourselves. Before making a  move on a girl, you have to be smart enough to read the signs a girl has never had a boyfriend.

Having dated women across continents for over a decade, I have experienced a few common signs in a girl who has never been in a relationship before. Most of these are universal, transcending geographical and cultural barriers

That a girl’s mind is the most complex puzzle to decipher has been common knowledge for eternity. To add to it, they are very good at hiding stuff. It gets trickier when you plan to ask a girl out but have no idea whether she’s in a relationship or has ever been in one before.

The internet is full of disappointingly fragmented and surprisingly inaccurate literature on the subject. Through this article, I condense my years of dating experience down to a few points that tell you what to look for before making a move for your girl.

If you’re too busy to read the article and want a handy list of the tell-tale signs a girl has never been into a relationship, here they are:

  • She’s uncomfortable around men
  • She’s reluctant to get into a relationship
  • She’s not active on social media
  • She’s always talking about studies and career
  • She’s introverted and indoorsy
  • She grew up in a traditional family
  • She agrees with everything
  • She texts awkwardly
  • She freaks out at the slightest of arguments
  • She behaves in extremes
  • She overthinks and plans everything out

Curious? Let’s dive deeper into the topic and explore how to interpret the signals.

Signs That a Girl Has Never Had a Boyfriend

Signs A Girl Has Never Had A Boyfriend

She’s Uncomfortable Around Men

If a girl does not want to be around men at all or is noticeably awkward in male company, it is a strong signal she’s never been in a relationship before. A girl who has been in relationships knows how to carry themselves around boys and is comfortable making eye contact while talking.

If a girl has many female friends, the group likely met all her social needs, and she never felt the need for male company. She might even have heard stories about how dramatic a relationship can be and wants to play it safe.

She’s Reluctant to Get Into a Relationship

There’s every chance a girl has never had a relationship because she never got an opportunity to get into one. However, such girls would secretly wish to be asked out. On the other hand, if a girl has closed herself to relationships, it may indicate she’s never been in one. In extreme cases, it can also indicate a bad experience from a past relationship but let’s be hopeful here!

Or maybe she is just playing hard to get?

If you have fallen for such a girl, brace up to put in the hard yards to ask her out. Girls usually fall for persistence as long as it doesn’t become pushy.

She’s Not Active on Social Media

Today’s generation lives on social media. Youngsters like to share their lives with their connections. Guys and girls are open to meeting someone through social media and getting into a relationship. It is common for girls to put up pics with their partners to indicate they’re already seeing someone, which wards off unwanted attention.

If a girl is not active on any social platform, you can’t peep into her historical posts to see if she’s been in a relationship. It may also indicate she’s never been in a relationship. If you are pursuing a girl without a social profile, you will have a tough time getting her basic information, and talking to her in person is the only way to progress.

She’s Always Talking About Studies and Career

The world is getting increasingly competitive, and there’s always pressure to do well, both academically and professionally. A girl driven by career goals will have little time for relationships. She would likely see it as an unimportant distraction that’ll consume her time, energy, and resources for no practical gain.

You’ll need to convince her that it is possible to balance career and relationship, and she does not have to sacrifice one for the other. A relationship can be the stress buster that’ll enable her to pursue her passion with renewed energy.

She’s Introverted and Indoorsy

A girl who prefers to stay indoors and is naturally shy is unlikely to have a past relationship. After all, you don’t get into a relationship by staying indoors, do you? Any guy will have a tough time meeting her and talking to her. Even if you can talk to her, spending time with her will be another issue, as she will be reluctant to go out.

Introverted nature, along with any of the point(s) discussed above, is a warning flag that your task is cut out and your time and energy might be better spent on someone else.

She Grew up in a Traditional Family

Some girls are open to getting into a relationship but never have the right environment to explore that route. Growing up in a conservative family restricts girls from going out and spending time as they wish, as every minute out of the home has to be accounted for. They are not permitted to holiday with friends or have sleepovers.

This situation is far from ideal for a girl to nurture her dating dreams. If your girl is from a traditional family, there may be restrictions on going out, using a smartphone, etc., and you can safely assume she’s never been in a relationship in the past.

She Agrees With Everything

It may be a pleasant surprise to see your girl agreeing to everything you say, but there may be a background to it. If a girl has never been in a relationship, she would not want to mess up. She would prefer adapting herself to you and conceding ground rather than risk losing you by initiating avoidable arguments.

No matter how much you enjoy this superior status, there will be a point where you’d want her to be more involved and express herself without apprehensions. Assuring her of your support may gradually comfort her into being herself.

She Texts Awkwardly

Texts play an important role in relationships, as they are the most frequently used communication. If a girl doesn’t read between the lines and understand the unexpressed, it is a sign she’s new to the world of relationships. Some standard emojis are abbreviations that couples use to express their love and emotions. Take notice if you ever find her avoiding those or having trouble understanding what you wrote. It is not a deal breaker and all – just introduce the abbreviations to her over time, and she’ll catch up.

She Freaks Out at Slightest of Arguments

It is normal for couples to fight and argue, right? Not if you have never been in a relationship before. If you notice her losing her mind over the smallest of arguments, notice that something is wrong. It indicates she’s in an unfamiliar situation and does not know how to deal with it.

You’ll do well to play the pacifier and help her get used to disagreements. Let her know its OK to have arguments without them blowing up into an ugly fight.

She Behaves in Extremes

Extreme behavior is another sign your girl has not handled relationships before. She will either be too clingy or too detached. The reason being she doesn’t understand the power dynamics of a relationship and is not sure of how to play her cards.

Her indecision prompts her to be clingy one day and overcompensate it by not giving importance to you the next day. The best you can do is to allow her time to find the right balance and not let this extreme behavior affect you until then.

She Overthinks and Plans Everything Out

The desire to get everything spot on indicates that your girl hasn’t been in a relationship. As it is her first relationship, she wants to nurture it by making everything perfect. The thought of something going wrong troubles her, and she would go out of her way to keep it going.

Though this is a good problem, make sure she doesn’t lose her wits over it and doesn’t spend most of her time stressing out about what might go wrong. Ask her to savor the time spent together, as nobody knows what the future holds.


Spending time with that special someone is an experience we all want to cherish. Although it is becoming mainstream, it wasn’t always the case, and your girl may not have experienced it before. If you notice any of these signs in your girl, make sure you give her the confidence to be her natural self.

Also, watch out for the signs she wants a relationship with you.

If you notice any of these signs, do not push her into correction or make fun of her. Be patient and allow her to figure things out organically. Bringing our true selves to a relationship is the best gift we can give to our partner, and you do not want to spoil the joy!

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