Social Media Habits That Could Hurt Your Relationship

Is social media ruining your relationship?

These days, it seems that everywhere you turn there is some new challenge for you and your partner to face. Whether it is all the phony dating trends that came with 2019 or changes in attitude threating your idea of happily ever after, there is no doubt that you need to work harder to stay afloat as a couple.

What is probably one of the most frustrating set of obstacles involves social media. Whether you are hooked, or you haven’t had an account since the days of MySpace, the effect on these platforms on relationships is hard to ignore.

Below are four of what are considered the worst social media crimes in relationships. It is important to note that the reactions vary from person to person. What you might consider a pet peeve is to someone else the most sincere way to show that you are in love. We will also cover a few foolproof tips that will help you navigate through these tricky waters. That way, you don’t have to worry about something as petty as a Facebook post or lack thereof costing you your relationship.

So does social media ruin relationships?

How social media destroys relationships


Oversharing is a rare problem in this day and age where it seems almost everyone is pro-social media. However, for the few who do not appreciate oversharing, this can be a major pet peeve.

It starts innocently enough with you sharing a cute photo, text screen grab or a sentimental shout out. In your mind, it is probably the modern-day equivalent or sending chocolates and flowers or some other grand romantic gesture.

It soon becomes pretty evident that your loving gesture backfires when it becomes a major fight. Fighting over this happens mainly with people who value their privacy almost to a fault. There is nothing wrong with this stance, but it is something that you should look out for as a potential pitfall.


Now, this is the one that is very common. In this case, you or your partner feels that the best way to show that you are thriving as a couple is by sharing evidence on it online. It could be anything from photos of you together on holiday to text posts describing your love to each other. If either of you considers this the ultimate display of love, then you might get irked when your significant other fails to live up to your expectations.

More often than not, you or your partner will feel under-valued. It is almost like they are not proud enough to show you off. Again there is nothing wrong with feeling this way so you shouldn’t feel ashamed or make your partner feel bad about being disappointed.

Airing out your dirty laundry

No one on planet earth enjoys having all their dirty secrets out in public. It is, therefore, one of the few social media pitfalls that is more or less universally unacceptable.

Maybe you fought, and your reaction is to post a long rant on Facebook complaining about how annoying your partner is. Or it could get to a dark point where you go as far as exposing private correspondence online as a way to get back at your partner. Whatever the case, it is not cool and is enough grounds to end the relationship.

Lack of public acknowledgment

It might sound petty to a lot of people, but it has ended more relationships that anyone would expect. Something as simple as changing your status from single to dating on Facebook can wipe away any insecurities in your significant other’s mind.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that posting their picture is enough. The argument here is this; how will anyone know that is your girlfriend/boyfriend and not a platonic friend? See how tricky it is?

What now?

These four issues highlighted above are almost laughable regarding how trivial they are. However numerous surveys have shown that very many people today value their online appearances more than ever before. We are pretty much living in a world where if it isn’t online then it doesn’t matter. So how exactly can your relationship survive with so many odds stacked against it? Here are three foolproof tips that will help.

  • Talk it out
  • Find a compromise
  • Focus on your relationship

Bottom line

In conclusion, there is truly no problem too small to cause issues in your relationship. So do not underestimate the power of sending that tweet or failing to change your relationship status on Facebook. Instead, have an actual conversation about your expectations and hard limits. That way you do not unwittingly step on your partner’s toes as you go about your business of sharing your business.

Also, keep an eye on your partner’s activity on social media. There are some signs that show that they could be cheating on you.

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