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Can You Find True Love Online?

The online dating revolution started more than a decade ago, with numerous success stories emerging month after month.

However, despite all the happily ever afters, there is still a lot of stigma and criticism of internet romance. Skeptics simply do not think that you can find love on a dating app, with the few success stories dismissed as flukes.

Are they right?

Is dating online a huge waste of time with no chance of success? Or is it the key to finding love in a day and age where life seems to be in fast-forward mode?

Below is all you need to know about the skeptics’ points of view and why they are so tragically wrong.

That said, claims made by critics against dating sites are not entirely without merit.

What makes online dating so hard?

Dating online is hard and has a significant failure rate.


Because as with offline relationships, online ones have their fair share of setbacks as well. And these setbacks make it difficult for people to succeed in finding love online and forming lasting relationships.

Here are five cyber dating challenges to overcome when looking for true love on dating apps.

find love on dating sites

It takes time to find the perfect match

The internet might make it easy to find connections quickly, but this is not a guarantee that it will be a perfect match.

This is one of the most frustrating things about dating online! You think you have escaped the long wait only to find yourself draining yourself of the very last drops of patience trying to find the right person for you.

It is basically like a long-distance relationship

Another major challenge that affects the success of cyberdating is distance. People often underestimate the power of physical contact in relationships, especially with mobile dating apps such as this 100% free dating site.

Flirty texts and hour-long phone calls can only sustain your relationship for so long. If you do not invest in getting to know each other offline and in person, the chances are that your relationship might not survive the distance.

It is a new concept we are still getting used to

The online dating scene might be a few decades old, but we still haven’t gotten the hang of it.

What is acceptable or unacceptable? What is your role? There are so many unanswered questions about this mystery, and uncertainty contributes to the skeptics’ case.

The fact that there seems to be no protocol or definite way of doing things limits the chances of success with dating apps.

Maybe you have a direct style and would prefer to go straight into asking someone out than wasting time with small talk. If your matches do not feel that this is how dating should work, then you will have problems.

This is just an example of many other discrepancies in people’s opinions of how the dating process should work. And the differences do not exactly make match-finding easier.

Too many people are in it for casual flings

This is a challenge that people who are looking for serious long-term relationships face. Many online dating sites have become platforms for casual hookups or men looking to have an affair with an older woman.

It is not what these dating sites were designed for, but it is definitely what people have turned them into. So, you might be in for a rude shock if you go to a dating site looking for a lifelong partner and a serious relationship.

The cognitive overload phenomenon

Have you ever gone to the supermarket and found yourself stuck in one aisle because you couldn’t decide which of the two cereal brands to pick? Yeah, that is exactly what cyberdating is like, only on a larger scale!

Having options is a great thing. However, it can also be the reason why you aren’t finding love online.

Having so many profiles to browse and a large dating pool to choose from could make you feel overwhelmed and overload your brain. This makes it hard to form real connections as you are always distracted and wondering whether there is someone better out there.

Overcoming the challenges – how to find love online

So far, one thing is clear – dating online is hard. However, this does not in any way mean that you cannot really find love on a dating site. The good news is that for every argument made by skeptics, there is an effective solution.

Below are a few tips that should help you get the most out of these dating websites and help you find your true love.

Know what you want and be clear about it

Defining the desired nature of the relationship you are looking for is very important. There is nothing wrong with wanting a casual fling. There is also nothing wrong with wanting the real deal with a successful offline relationship and the whole package.

You need to be confident in your choices and also ready to share your expectations with anyone you are interested in.

Being honest about this is the best way to ensure that you not only get what you want but also avoid disappointment. It also helps you narrow down the sites and find one that will offer you exactly what you want.

Use recent and realistic photos of yourself

There is a lot of trust involved in making online dating work. The last thing you want to do is start things off disingenuously.

First impressions matter a lot on a dating site, and they tend to last. And whether you like it or not, what people see on your dating profile picture is a huge part of that.

So take the “what you see is what you get” approach and make the photos flattering but realistic and, most importantly, real.

Put some thought into writing your bio

If you have ever tried online dating, you know how real the concept of “plenty of fish in the sea” is on different platforms. You are not the only good-looking one on there, so photos alone will not help you stand out.

Your personality could be what makes the difference between mindless matching and true intrigue. And the latter is exactly what you want if true love is your goal. You have to get potential matches curious to get to know more, and a catchy bio is the best way to do it.

You should also learn how to introduce yourself on a dating app to get more chances of a response.

Stay open-minded

We all have our types, whether it is a specific hair color and aesthetic or even a personality. If you want online dating to work for you in terms of a long-term commitment, you will have to throw that checklist out of the window and go in with an open mind.

There are all sorts of awesome people on these platforms, so give them a chance! You don’t have to try and match with everyone on the site. But if someone catches your eye, you shouldn’t dismiss them because they don’t meet a certain expectation.

Look for red flags

Things will be fantastic at first as you get to know each other. However, you should not your rose-colored glasses blind you.

Don’t forget that this is an absolute stranger you are dealing with. Therefore, constant vigilance is a must if you want to protect your heart.

Keep your eyes peeled for red flags, and run when you spot them.

Don’t stick to only one match

Another tip if you’re trying to figure out how to find love online is to diversify. There is always the temptation with online dating to fall for the first person who gives you real attention. This happens a lot, especially if you haven’t been having any luck with love in the real world.

The best thing to do is play the field and get a better idea of what is out there. Get to know more people and figure out what you do and do not like.

However, don’t let this go on too long, as it could hinder your ability to form genuine connections.

Stay active

If you really want to find true love online, then you have to commit to the process. You cannot just set up your dating profile and expect fate to do the rest.

You need to be active on the platform, match with as many profiles that stand out as possible, and actually make efforts to interact with them. You also need to log in and switch things up on your profile regularly.

This will help you beat the algorithm and increase your visibility and, with it, your chances of finding awesome matches. 

Be patient

Love takes time. It doesn’t matter whether you met on a mainstream site, on a Christian dating site, on a vegan dating app, or at the local library.

Patience allows you to take your time getting to know people you met online. Get to know who they are, what they like, and whether you would like to date them in real life. That way, you will not pressure yourself or rush into settling with someone who will not make you happy.

Use intelligent matchmaking

This will help solve the cognitive overload problem. If you are tired of being spoilt for choice, then consider online dating sites and apps with intelligent matchmaking services like the ones reviewed by DatingInspector.

These matchmaking services help narrow things down for you, allowing you to interact with singles who would most likely be your perfect match. Most of these services require you to fill out forms and personality test sheets to make their job easier and more successful.

Move things offline as soon as possible

Online dating creates a kind of a safe bubble that can make you and your love interest complacent. It also, unfortunately, does not always paint a complete picture of what you are going to be dealing with.

Therefore, planning your first date offline as soon as possible is a great way to move things in the right direction. Just make sure to choose a public activity for your safety and something you both share an interest in to avoid awkwardness.

So, can you find your love on dating apps and sites?

The answer is YES in all caps, highlighted, and underlined. You can and will find true love on a dating site!

All you have to do is be smart about your approach. Figure out what you want, put yourself out there, and be patient as your online cupids work their magic.

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