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28 Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings For You

Not only women play hard to get. Men are just as guilty of it from time to time.

But is he just playing games?

Or is he fighting his feelings for you?

If you suspect the latter, precisely what are the signs that a guy is hiding his true feelings from you?

Find out here what are the signs that a guy is hiding his true feelings from you.

He Gets Nervous Around You

When a confident man who has no problem charming an entire room completely tones it down around you, there must be something more than what meets the eye.

Maybe he is having mixed feelings about you or is afraid to come clean, so he becomes more aware of his behavior.

In reality, we all become self-conscious around our crushes. When we like someone, all we want is for them to like us too, so we try to be seen in our best light possible.

He Acts Shy

He Acts Shy

‘Eyes are windows to the soul,’ they say, and rightly so because eyes give a lot away. That’s why when we avoid direct eye contact, it’s probably because there’s something we’d like to keep a secret.

When we have feelings for someone, all we try to do is make eye contact across the room and give them a sign that we like them.

However, if a guy has a crush on you but he is also fighting his feelings, chances are he’ll get shy and start avoiding you.

Or He’s constantly Showing Off

All men are different. Some turn shy in an attempt to hide their feelings, and others do the complete opposite and become overconfident.

If a guy is trying to figure out whether you share the same feelings or not, he might overcompensate to cover the fact that he is nervous around you.

So, don’t be surprised if he tries to impress you with his ‘colorful feathers’ like a fast new car or branded clothes.

He is probably not cocky by nature, but he is just trying to hide his fear with fake confidence. 

His Behavior Feels a Bit “Off”

A guy who is openly interested in someone will do anything to spend as much time as possible with her. However, if he is fighting his feelings, he will most likely maintain his distance or at least try to.

This especially happens when the crush is considered the forbidden fruit. He might be married or in a relationship with another person, but he still caught feelings for you and doesn’t want you to know.

Another alternative is that he might not be sure about how he feels. He is confused and acting strange. One minute he is flirting, and the next, he is giving you the cold shoulder.

Chances are he is just trying to figure things out for himself.  

He Makes Excuses to Talk to You

One of the most obvious signs he’s fighting his feelings for you is that he tries to initiate conversation whenever possible.

That might be running into you at a store he knows you like or sending a text to see how your day is going. If he doesn’t care, he won’t try at all.

He’s Around a Lot

Somehow it feels like this guy pops up everywhere you go. His best friend, who happens to live nearby, had to take a raincheck, and he could use your company just because you are the ‘friend’ closest by.

Or if you want to hang out with someone on a weeknight, again, he seems to be always available.

However, when these random ‘coincidences’ start turning into a pattern, there might be more than what he is giving away. This is one of the key signs that he wants to be more than just friends.

He is probably testing the waters by going on these ‘not-a-date’ dates to spend time with you and figure out how you feel. 

He’s Vocal About Being Single

Another sign that a guy likes you, but for some reason, still doesn’t want you to know his feelings, is when he starts being overly vocal about his singlehood. 

Whenever he is around, he would tell his friends there is no one special in his life at the moment, and he makes sure he is loud enough so you can hear it. 

Or he would go as far as shutting down every rumor he might be in a relationship or involved with someone else.

Obviously, he is playing hot and cold, and if you know he has a crush on you, it can get a bit frustrating. 

He Gets Protective

Yes, the damsel in distress trick still works like a charm. Even in modern times, men still want to feel like heroes. 

If a guy is protective of you and goes above and beyond to make sure you are safe, he is probably falling for you. 
When a man cares for a woman, he feels the need to keep her protected and away from harm. But be careful not to let him become overprotective. 

You are a grown woman, and you don’t need anyone shadowing you whatever you do. Never allow his protectiveness to stop you from experiencing real life the way you want it. 

There are huge red flags like jealousy or aggressive behavior, and if you notice them, it’s time to walk away.

His Behavior Is Inconsistent

Has he started blowing hot and cold whenever you are in the same room?

Does he get shy the moment he sees you, and then you see these bursts of confidence with someone else? One day you are close friends, and the next, he acts cold or even dismissive. 

He is probably conflicted and might be trying to figure out how he feels around you, or he is just fighting his feelings, so his behavior is all over the place. 

One thing is for sure – you make him nervous, and he’s acting like that so you wouldn’t see him as insecure. 

He Talks Smack About the Guy You’re Seeing

If he is continually talking trash about the current man in your life, that could be another one of those signs he is fighting his feelings.

Unless you’re dating someone who is just a bad person, there is no reason he should talk about this guy positively or negatively.

But negatively talking about him shows you he is trying to upset you and steer you away from this guy.

He Tries to Make You Jealous

He Tries To Make You Jealous

If he brings up in conversation the hangout he had with your best friend or worst nemesis, he is showing you his cards.

He wants to make you jealous and is expecting a reaction out of you. If he doesn’t get one, he will continue fighting his feelings because he probably thinks he has no chance.

Or Gets Jealous Himself

This one is a classic. Jealousy is a dead giveaway that a guy likes you. 

You are probably wondering what gives him the right to be jealous when you are not even dating. Why would he be upset whenever you bring up other guys in a conversation, right?

Well, men feel insecure, too, especially those who have been hurt in the past and have low self-esteem. If you openly talk about that other guys you met or the fact that you are on a dating app, he will probably think you are out of his league. 

Now, this can go two ways – he will shower you with these common relationship questions trying to find out more about how you feel, or he will completely shut off and limit contact. 

Either way, he has a crush on you, but he is probably afraid of your reaction if he tries to reveal his real feeling towards you. 

You Catch Him Looking at You

If you continue catching him looking in your direction at any given time, he is probably showing some interest. Guys don’t just stare and quickly look away if they aren’t interested unless they have a staring problem. Even if that were the case, he would probably not only reserve his staring for you alone.

He Finds Reasons to Touch You

He Finds Reasons To Touch You

Another way to know his feelings for you is by continually finding reasons to touch you. That may be a quick hug passing by or a touch on the arm. He may even put his arm around you and pretend to play the “big brother.” I have a brother, and he doesn’t do that. This guy is looking for an excuse!

He Gives You the Cold Shoulder

If a guy is shutting you out, is he fighting his feelings or not interested at all? This one can be difficult to determine, but chances are he’s trying to fight their feelings.

Adult men generally don’t ignore people just for fun, and men have a tough time navigating their feelings if they think they shouldn’t have them.

But It’s Obvious in His Body Language

Sometimes, body language will tell you a lot more than words. All you have to do is know how to read it. 

However, every guy is different, and there might not be a universal rule. But let’s say he is confident and flirty with everyone else, and the moment you walk in, he becomes clumsy or can’t decide where to look or what to do with his hands. 

If he is not that socially awkward guy who feels uncomfortable around everyone else, you might be onto something. 

There is a chance he caught feels for you, and now he gets nervous whenever he sees you.

He’s Asking a Lot of Questions

If you haven’t felt like you are getting the third degree on a date, don’t worry, this guy will ask you enough personal questions to make you feel so.

From your best childhood memory and where you got that scar on your arm, to what’s your favorite food and what’s the latest concert you’ve been to – his questions won’t stop.  

Of course, we all want to talk about ourselves, and even more so, we like to be heard. And you have to admit, you like the attention he is giving you and how much he is involved in this honest conversation. 

Consider this a sign that he no longer sees you as ‘just a friend,’ especially because men are not famous for being big on never-ending deep conversations. 

He Remembers Things You Tell Him

Guys don’t just remember random things, like your birthday or favorite color. If this guy wants to remind you he knows these things, he is probably fighting his feelings towards you.

He Asks Hypothetical Questions

When a guy wants to test the water and find out more about how you feel about him without actually revealing his own feelings to you, he might start asking hypothetical questions. 

This is especially easy for a guy who is already your friend because there is an established connection. 

It will all start innocently with questions about your relationship status. Then, he will easily transition to questions like “Can you imagine us being a couple?” or “What would happen if we got tipsy and kissed?”. 

No one wants to be rejected, so he is most likely trying to get more intel on how you’d feel about the idea of you two dating before he asks you on an actual date. 

He Mentions Your Name a Lot

People tend to talk about those they love or care about.

If a guy mentions your name or wants your opinion in a conversation, especially in front of mutual friends, chances are he likes you a lot more than he is letting you know. 

He just can’t help himself. It’s in our nature to mention the people we care about because we think about them a lot. Whether you are present or not, his mind will often wander off to you as he is developing a crush. 

He doesn’t have to tell you directly; finding out he talks about you a lot is enough of a sign he has strong feelings for you. 

He’s All Over Your Social Media

Trust me when I say girls are not the only ones who will stalk their crush online. Men do it too, and all the time. 

A guy who is still not ready to show you his feeling and intentions will still want to find out as much as possible about you. 

And what’s a better place to do it than on your IG profile or Twitter account? With all of us leading such a public life, it’s easy to figure out what we are all about. 

If you notice him online at the same time as you or that he likes your photos and stories the moment they go public, there is a chance he is trying to convey a message without being direct. 

He’s Always Trying to Help You

There is a big difference between being helpful and being at someone’s disposal 24/7.

Friends usually do us favors once in a while, but when a guy goes out of his way just to give you a hand, he is showing a different kind of devotion.

It doesn’t have to be anything big, but it will volunteer his time just to make it easy on you. 

If you notice something like this, a guy might be even falling in love with you, but he is not ready to tell you yet. 

He Gets You Gifts

He Gets You Gifts

Men are usually not keen on shopping, especially not buying random gifts for a girl they feel nothing for. 

Of course, colleagues or friends will get you a gift on a special occasion like a birthday or promotion, but that’s obviously because they appreciate you as a friend. 

However, when a guy puts so much thought and effort into getting you the perfect gift (no, it doesn’t have to be expensive), he is probably trying to show you how much you mean to him.  

He Shows He Cares in Small Ways

Love is in the details! 

Some guys will like you so much, they will do anything for you without making a fuss about it.

He will bring you coffee, let you borrow his pens, give you his jacket if you are cold, or even share his food.

It sounds silly, but they might not even be aware of how they’re acting differently around you; they just can’t help it, and it is so sweet. 

He Agrees to Things Only If You’re the One Asking

A guy who has feelings towards you will make sure you know you can count on him.

Even though he is still not ready to admit to you, or even to himself, that he sees you as more than a friend, you are his weak spot. 

He just can’t turn you down no matter what it is. Even if you ask him to do something silly, as long as it is you who is asking, he will be down for anything.

That’s how he shows he cares about you more than he’s letting on.

He Downplays the Other Women in His Life

A guy who is low-key in love with you will always downplay the role of a woman in his life. 

That girl you saw him hugging last Friday was just a high school friend, and the one commenting on all his pictures on social media is his cousin. 

He might be having feelings he is still not ready to come clean about, but he also wants you to know he is not pursuing other girls. 

He Invites You to “Hang Out” But Never Asks You on Dates

He Invites You To Hang Out But Never Asks You On Dates

If a guy wants to date a girl and spend time with her, he will ask her out unless he thinks he can’t.

If that’s the case, he may invite you to hang out with a group on regular occasions. Or he even might suggest going to grab something to eat together, but it’s always in a very casual atmosphere, like fast food or a coffee to go.

If he doesn’t think he has a chance, he will avoid getting hurt by not putting himself out there too much.

His Friends Tease Him About You

Imagine a situation – you walk into a room, and he is there with his crew. The moment they notice you, they start teasing him. 

This is probably because he told his friends about the crush he has on you. 

Now, his reaction can go different ways. He may clamp up or confront his friends. He may even start talking to you like you are one of the guys and bring up other girls. 

Trust me; he is doing this to get a reaction from you and see if you will get jealous. God forbid he reveals his feelings to you first and risks getting rejected. 

Finally: Is He Hiding His feelings Or Not Interested

You may regularly ask yourself, “How to know his feelings for me?” If you’re asking yourself this question, chances are you have already seen the classic signs!

Guys are simple creatures, and if they have feelings, they sometimes want to avoid them. Reading the signs is a sure way to know that he does have feelings.

If you want to quit the games, you may have to take matters into your own hands or ignore his signs completely. The ball is in your court now!

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