8 Things Not To Include In Your Online Dating Profile

8 Things Not To Include In Your Dating App Profile

Your dating app profile will either make or break you

There is a good reason why your profile is the first thing you have to work on whenever you open an online dating account:

It is what you will be judged by initially by anyone you are interested in or anyone interested in you. With so much riding on it, you simply cannot afford to give this part anything short of your very best.

There is so much information out there on what you should do to have the perfect profile. You are probably already an expert in choosing the most flawless photos and writing the most outstanding bio. However, not many of us know what not to do.

These are the things that turn all your efforts into nothing and below are eight that you should avoid at all costs.

There are mistakes that all beginners make and we want you to avoid them! So keep reading.

Bragging in any way, shape or form

“I have one thing to say; you’re welcome.”

“Yep, it did hurt when I fell from heaven.”

“Well aren’t you in for a treat?”

No one anywhere on this planet likes cocky or braggy people. It is a serious turn off that will lose you suitors faster than you can swipe left. Now don’t get me wrong; a little showing off is not all that bad as it shows that you are not only confident but successful. However, there is a fine line between being proud of your success and being a little too big for your britches. Don’t cross it.

Self-pity and Debby-downer content

“Just lost my job and I hope this is what cheers me up.”

“I don’t want to get hurt again.”

It truly is sad that you have been heartbroken before, or you got catfished and it stung or even that you lost a job. But your online profile is not the place to air this particular type of laundry. It generally bums people out and evokes pity more than interest. Remember you’re your online dating profile is not an invite to your pity party. So leave that to subsequent conversations that a killer profile will land you.

This-is-beneath-me quotes in your bio

“I cannot believe I have stooped this low to find love.”

“Impress me if you think you can.”

“Wow, what the heck am I even doing here.”

That is probably the most off-putting content you could have on your bio. If for any reason you think that online dating is beneath you then you really shouldn’t be on it. Or at the very least do not shout it from the rooftops which in this case are the profiles. It comes across as a bit aloof and makes it seem like you are doing everyone a favor being online. It is ok and expected to be skeptical, but do not take it this far.

Unflattering photos

This huge no-no doesn’t just refer to photos taken at awkward angles or in really poor lighting although these too will affect your profile. Other images you should avoid in your profile include group photos where it is practically impossible to pick out which of the seven bros or four banging ladies is you. Photos of you in various states of undress are also not the best idea especially if you are passing a more serious message.

Signs of skepticism or bitterness

“Men are trash, but I will give y’all one last chance.”

“I don’t think this will work but oh well. What the heck!”

As already stated, it is ok to be a little skeptical of the process especially if you are a newbie. However, there is no need to openly and harshly slam the process without giving it a chance. You might think you are just honest, but this will cost you especially with serious suitors.

Too much information about yourself

I would give a few examples, but that would be too much information… See what I just did there?

Anyways, a good profile should give viewers an idea of who you are without preempting everything. Leave them intrigued and curious to find out more from you. So detailed descriptions of previous relationships, embarrassing confessions, and other similar info should get shared in more private interactions.

Controversial opinions

Pineapples belong on pizza. Try me.”

Ok, maybe the example I provided is not the best representation of extreme controversy, but if it triggers you, then you get the idea. The last thing you want is to start an online war or become the victim of trolling and bullying because of opinions you are entitled to.

Hollywood dreams and fairytale wishes

“Just another Tinderella looking for her prince charming.”

“Just looking for my Soulmate and the one person out there who will complete me.”

No honey. That’s not how it works in real life. There are, of course, numerous happily ever after stories from these platforms. However, leading with such idealism will put a lot of people off which is the last thing you want.


Now that you know what not to do you are ready to put together one heck of a profile. If they gave out awards for the best profile, you better believe your account would be a contender. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a hard sell- but you get the point; these tips will help. So go forth and pick the photos and bio that will find you that special missing piece.

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