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10 Signs That She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Everyone wants to have a happily ever after. Once you found the girl of your dreams, you probably didn’t imagine it could go any other way than the “growing old together” way.

However, it is an unfortunate fact of love and life that not all relationships make it to this promised land. Whether it is a major scandal like infidelity or something as simple yet devastating as one of you falling out of love, it is always nice to have a heads up.

With the falling out of love part, there are actually a lot of warnings along the way. Here are some signs she doesn’t love you anymore that might come in handy as you run a diagnostic check to see whether or not your relationship will last.

10 signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore

1. Sorry honey, I’m busy that day…

One of the earliest signs she doesn’t care about you anymore is when she stops giving you as much attention as she used to. A key pillar of a successful relationship is spending quality time together. If this doesn’t seem to be a priority for her anymore, then there is a good chance that she is no longer as invested in you as she used to be.

That said, be sure to take into consideration factors like schedule changes and increased responsibilities in her life. Sometimes she really can’t make it because of a work thing. It might feel like she doesn’t care about your couple, but if she is really busy, there is not much you can do.

2. She’s doesn’t get mad at you anymore

my girlfriend doesnt get mad at me anymore

When she doesn’t seem to get mad at you or visibly disappointed in your transgressions anymore then you, my friend, are in trouble.

It might seem like a crazy idea, but a woman who cares gets mad at times. This is because they have expectations and they are truly bothered if you do not live up to them.

On the other hand, if you have been hearing a lot of “it’s ok” or “no worries” when you mess up, then your relationship is in the ICU.

3. When you fight, she gets down and dirty

Another important sign a girl doesn’t like you anymore is when she unapologetically attacks your weaknesses, especially during a fight. Disagreements in a relationship are a necessary component as long as both of you fight fair. However, when she starts to hit below the belt, then she probably has lost all care, feelings and love that she had for you.

4. She keeps you a secret

my girlfriend keeps secrets from me

All of a sudden, you stop getting invited to family barbeques and cocktails with her friends. She seems hesitant when it comes to letting you spend any time with people she considers close. This insistence in keeping you a secret might be a key pointer to her lack of interest in you or having a long-term relationship.

5. The texts and phone calls don’t flow as abundantly anymore

Remember when you guys first started out and blew each other’s phones up with constant texts and phone calls? Everything felt good, and those were the real good times, huh?

As the relationship progresses, the frequency of these chats reduces gradually. But there should always be enthusiasm on both sides.

If a girl does not like you, she will most likely leave your messages unanswered and phone calls unreturned. Unless she has a really good reason for the radio silence, expect the worst. Remember that communication is the key to a successful relationship.

5. Your physical intimacy takes a blow

Another of the major signs she doesn’t like you anymore is when she starts to reject your physical advances. It could be that she doesn’t let you hold her hand that often when you are walking out in public. Or maybe she doesn’t want to get sexually intimate with you all of a sudden despite showing interest initially.

Either way, if the physical intimacy and attention are suddenly withdrawn without explanation then things aren’t looking good for you at this time.

5. There isn’t much enthusiasm about future plans together

A woman who truly loves you welcomes the idea of a future together. She contributes enthusiastically to conversations on you two settling down. She seems excited at the idea of starting a family together. If this is not the case, then there is a good chance that she is not interested in that with you.

Despite this being true for most, some women just do not have marriage and kids in their immediate plans. So get to hear her side of the story on this one before you decide she doesn’t love you and you should leave. Maybe this is the opportunity for you to finally enjoy life after a break-up.

6. Lack of communication

When women are truly invested in a relationship, they are great at communicating. She will tell you what she likes, what she doesn’t, who made her mad at work, and so on. It is not just about the quantity but also the quality of the communication, as she will want you to understand how she is feeling.

When she doesn’t love you anymore, this magical gift goes right out the window. You will start to notice that she doesn’t talk to you or initiate conversation as much as she used to. And if she does talk to you, there is hardly any emotion or interest from her. So, when those one-worded texts and heavy silences start to set in, you are in trouble!

7. She no longer gives you compliments

Another way to know that your girl is not that into you anymore is when the compliment well runs dry. She used to compliment you on everything from that ugly sweater your auntie sent you to that new hair cut you weren’t too sure about. But now, she just doesn’t seem to notice anything.

The worst-case scenario here is when she actually goes out of her way to put you down and give you harsh criticism. All of a sudden, she can’t stand your cologne or doesn’t like how you dress. This right here is the end stage of relationship failure, and there is usually no coming back from it without a miracle.

8. You are not her number one priority

If your girlfriend is going out of her way to exclude you from her life, then things are not looking too good for you, buddy. This shows in many ways. Maybe these days she prefers to hang out with friends than be at home with you. Or it could be that she makes time for everything from unnecessary appointments to dog birthday parties but never has time for you guys to go out on dates or do things together.

This passive-aggressive attack shows that you are no longer her number one priority. She is no longer fully invested, and this only happens when a woman falls out of love.

9. She starts flirting with other men or even cheating on you

This one is going to hurt real bad. The only good news is that unless you were dating a total monster, it might not be something that you have to worry about. But then again, people change and you never know until you find those texts or you catch her cheating.

When your girlfriend gets to this point where she can flirt or straight up cheat on you, then she is done. There is no love or respect there and honestly, it might not even be worth it to put up a fight. Just cut your losses and find someone special who’s loyal to you and who truly loves you.

10. She actually tells you

The clearest of all hints she’s not interested anymore is a verbal affirmation of the same. Some women will save you the sleuthing and Sherlock Holmes-ing and just have ‘the talk’ to let you know they do not feel love for you anymore.

When she does, please do not fight it. For most people, breaking such news means thinking long and hard about all the factors. If she comes out and says it to your face, it means that she is at a point where she believes that the relationship is going nowhere. So cut your losses and move on. You will find someone else, and that is a promise.

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