Things Single Women Are Tired of Hearing When Online Dating

7 Things Single Women Are Tired Of Hearing When Online Dating

Being single can be hard, but it is not exactly the worst thing that could happen to a person. For single ladies trying online dating, the struggle comes mainly from dealing with comments and unsolicited advice from people around them. It could be from that aunt who thinks you are taking too long to settle. It might be a friend who is super skeptical about online dating. Wherever it is coming from, here are seven cliché lines single girls don’t want to hear any more about online dating.

1. “It doesn’t work.”

Girls hear this all the time about online dating. There is a notion that the platforms are not serious and are just for casual hookups. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of online dating sites such as with real users who are looking for true love, and as a result of it, the process does work.

You have a right to be skeptical about the process. However, it isn’t OK to discourage your single friends from going after what they want. You never know; it just might work out for them.

2. “Most guys there are afraid/not ready to commit.”

Guys on online dating websites get a really bad rep for being commitment-phobic. And skeptics do not waste any time reminding single ladies of this unfortunate point of view. There are some guys on these platforms who are not ready to settle down. They want to have fun and meet new people, have an affair with an older woman. However, if you think even for a second that these guys make up the majority, then you are wrong.

3. “How is someone like you still single?”

Being single is not a disease that affects a certain type of woman. You can be a total bombshell and still have trouble meeting the right guy. This line is especially annoying to ladies trying online dating as they hear it everywhere. They hear it from their friends. They hear it from a random colleague. The worst part is that they always get the same line from people they are interested in online. So get off this bandwagon before your single gal pal crushes and burns it.

4. “Your standards are too high.”

That is without a doubt the single most annoying line that single women hear. It doesn’t matter whether they are trying online dating or not. The heart and the mind, want what they want and there is not that much that you can do to change that.

If your friend settles for nothing less than a castle-dwelling prince, then let her be. It is her life and therefore it is her choice. Think of it this way, what is the point of pushing her to settle and be unhappy when she was perfectly content being alone?

5. “You aren’t trying hard enough in real life.”

This line is another one that gets on their nerves. Trust me, for your friend to humble herself and sign up for online dating there is a good chance she exhausted all her offline options. Finding love online is never about who works the hardest. It is about putting yourself out there. So instead of using this line commend her on her resilience and willingness to keep trying.

6. “You’re picking all the wrong ones.”

It’s not her fault. With online dating, there is always the possibility that you might end up falling for someone’s fake side. Other times, it might be a great guy, but the connection isn’t there. So no, your friend is not consciously picking the wrong guys. Sometimes these matches do not work out.

7. “You’re running out of time.”


We live in the 21st century, so this is a combination of words that should not be leaving your mouth. Yes, the biological clock is still ticking. But this doesn’t mean that your friend needs to rush her process. Let her take her time. For some people finding love online takes a matter of weeks. For others, it could take months or even years. There is no right or wrong timeline. So don’t pressure her.

Just be supportive

The most important thing for you to do as a friend or even a relative is to be supportive. Online dating is already hard for her without having to deal with all these comments. So be a good friend, listen to her rants, help her pick an outfit and cross your fingers that she gets her happily ever after.

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